We provide solutions to the environmental pollution caused by waste products thrown in market places mainly from agricultural waste products in the following ways: -

Organic vermi-liquid fertilizer and insecticide

  • We rear red worms in tones that are used to recycle many agricultural wastes collected from markets, dumping sites and homes through a process called vermicomposting. The final product is called organic vermi-liquid fertilizer that meets agronomical amendments for improving soil structure, plant fertility and pest management. This has proven to be 50% much better than synthetic fertilizers.

Household biodigester (biogas and bio-slurry) production

  • This anaerobic process involves the use of small plastic tanks to decompose agricultural wastes using bacteria known us anaerobic microbial inoculum. Wastes are heaped together in plastic tanks, tightening the lead to make it air tight, resulting in production of carbon dioxide, methane and water. The key element methane gas that we connect from the plastics containers to storage tubes installed in houses to provide clean cooking energy.

Grafted hass avocado, guava, pumpkin and Cape goose berries seedlings.

  • We use decomposed wastes (vermicast and bio-slurries) from agricultural wastes to enhance propagation processes in the commercial fruit tree nursery. After propagation, the hass avocado and guava seedlings are grafted to improve adaptability to the local weather and viability for assured high volume production for a better return.